Saturday, May 5, 2007


Today we celebrated Joseph's birthday. I made him a cake and it came out great. I decided to make vanilla and chocolate in one cake, and it worked! It was actually pretty easy; I just made a batch of each and then poured it in to the pan. It came out amazingly straight. I had a lot of fun making the lily pads.

Joseph's presents were a little people house that I got on e-bay (the same one I had when I was little,) and a drum with music instruments inside of it. We were going to also give him a Tonka dump truck and Tonka front end loader, but decided against it at the last minute. We gave him the first two in the morning, and were going to give him the trucks in the afternoon so he wouldn't be too overwhelmed with so many new things all at once. Last time, at Christmas, this seemed a good strategy, but for a couple of days afterward he would periodically ask for more presents. Today he seemed so involved in his first two presents that I didn't want to ruin it with "too much" stuff. I will save those trucks for another time; I'm sure he will enjoy that sort of thing for quite some time yet.


Heidi said...

the drum video is soooo cute , he really likes it doesn't he. Your cake looks beautiful and the lilypads look real with those frogs on them and one has jumped off. Almost too nice to eat!

Michelle Liebgott-Osinga said...

I thought too that it is almost sad to eat it, but when I brought it to Joseph it was funny because he imediately tried to take the frogs off, and then he started crying "Eat cake!"

Theresa said...

Nice looking cake, I bet it tasted just as good as it looks.