Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Neighbourhood church

On Thanksgiving we went for a walk around our neighbourhood and took some photos of some of the buildings. My favourite is the Congregationalist church that is about a 10 minute walk from our house. It is in a residential neighbourhood on a small street.

Owl Cookies

Tonight I finished painting my second batch of fall cookies. Joseph calls all of them owl cookies (as in when I ask him if he wants a snack he says 'Owl',) but if you ask him what they are individually he knows all of their names, and the owls aren't even his favorite ones! He seems to prefer the more brightly coloured ones.

Wow is the weather variable here!

This morning when I let Spot out I felt the air and was pleasantly surprised to find it quite warm. A glance at the thermometer proved me correct- a lovely 59 degrees. I walked with Joseph over to the Lutheran Church where I have my mom's group and we didn't even need coats! Then in the afternoon I wanted to go out again, and was surprised, again. Now it was 42 degrees- quite a change. Well, today was even MORE surprising. The whole day stayed right around 20 degrees (perhaps rising as high as 22 in the afternoon. I offered to let Spot out and he just looked at me and started shaking. Joseph and I did take him for a walk today, but don't worry Mem, we bundled up well: he had on a nice warm scarf in addition to what he has on in the photo.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

That's not a bear

As background information I should say that Panda bears are not bears at all but actually belong to family Procyonidae and thus are more closely related to raccoons. Not that this matters at all to most people, but this is a story about something that happened to me one day last week. So, to begin my story, last week I took Joseph to story time at the library and the subject was bears. The librarian brought out a whole bunch of teddy bears and a Panda. My first thought at seeing the Panda was "That's not a bear." We moved on and read some stories and then on to the felt story board. Again out came a Panda, and again that nagging thought "That's not a bear." So, my academic precision has been reduced to nitpicking at the preschool library time. I think it is time to take a class.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I figured today would be an appropriate day for a first post. The reason why I want to keep a blog is to keep in touch with family and friends in a more comprehensive way. It seems that I am always thinking 'oh, I must remember to tell so-and-so about this' and then as things happen I rarely get around to it. So, this is an attempt at staying more connected with the important people in my life who are far away. If any of you would like to leave comments, please do. All you have to do is become a member and get a user name and password (It only takes a second!).