Tuesday, November 28, 2006

That's not a bear

As background information I should say that Panda bears are not bears at all but actually belong to family Procyonidae and thus are more closely related to raccoons. Not that this matters at all to most people, but this is a story about something that happened to me one day last week. So, to begin my story, last week I took Joseph to story time at the library and the subject was bears. The librarian brought out a whole bunch of teddy bears and a Panda. My first thought at seeing the Panda was "That's not a bear." We moved on and read some stories and then on to the felt story board. Again out came a Panda, and again that nagging thought "That's not a bear." So, my academic precision has been reduced to nitpicking at the preschool library time. I think it is time to take a class.

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