Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wow is the weather variable here!

This morning when I let Spot out I felt the air and was pleasantly surprised to find it quite warm. A glance at the thermometer proved me correct- a lovely 59 degrees. I walked with Joseph over to the Lutheran Church where I have my mom's group and we didn't even need coats! Then in the afternoon I wanted to go out again, and was surprised, again. Now it was 42 degrees- quite a change. Well, today was even MORE surprising. The whole day stayed right around 20 degrees (perhaps rising as high as 22 in the afternoon. I offered to let Spot out and he just looked at me and started shaking. Joseph and I did take him for a walk today, but don't worry Mem, we bundled up well: he had on a nice warm scarf in addition to what he has on in the photo.

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