Friday, August 24, 2007

The Pursuit of Perfection

Joseph is such a perfectionist, both in actually doing things as well as in speaking. A couple of days ago one of the buckles from my shoe broke off, and then the next morning he was thinking about it and said something about it. I said "Yes, my shoes are broken, so I can't wear them today." He responded, "No, only one shoe is broken!" and then he looked at me like 'don't you know anything?' How could I be so sloppy?

Another example of his linguistic perfection occurred last night when I was reading him a bedtime story. We were reading Fabian Escapes, a story about a cat who escapes from the house for a day. At one point the cat goes into the flower garden and eats the flowers. The illustration shows the cat surrounded my many bushes of flowers. Joseph interrupted me to tell me that "He doesn't eat all the flowers, only a little bit of them."


Heidi said...

boy he sure is observant isn't he and so precise.So you are reading a lot these days? and how is the cooking going, isn't it too hot to cook a lot? We finally have a few nice weather days here ,but overall it was kind of rainy and it did not feel like summer.There is a package on the way to you but it might take atleast two weeks I think. Let me know when it arrives ok.

Theresa said...

Man, Joseph sure is a smart little guy. That's my nephew, everybody! Keep reading together, that's one of the best things you can do for him.

Michelle Liebgott-Osinga said...

Hi Mem, yes I have been reading some, but not quite as much as before because I have been doing so much cooking, gardening, etc. The weather is actually not bad lately; We haven't used the air conditioner for the last week or so (except in our room during Joseph's nap.)

Theresa, yes reading is one of our main activities. It is actually so fun for both of us.