Monday, August 25, 2008

New House

The time has finally come; we are buying our first house! I just checked the realtor's website and the photo isn't there anymore, so I can't post any images of it. Perhaps I will go take a photo to post it. (Ha! Another good excuse to drive by!)

I will miss our wonderful landlords and neighbours, but not the mice that are quite populous here lately. This summer I was feeding the birds, but as things got busy lately I stopped, and so now we have a bunch of fat, hungry mice rooming around. At first they were only outside, but now we see them inside too from time to time. Trapping them is easy because they are so fat, but Jim has to be sneaky about it because Joseph has lately gotten sensitive about mice and what happens to them.

Which leads me to my next topic. Lately Joseph has been listening to Beverly Cleary's Mouse and the Motorcycle, and he really loves the main character. It is amazing how good his attention span is; he listens to the whole story (two hours worth) everyday. He doesn't listen to it all at one time of course, but he does listen to it in order. He loves it so much that he will just lie on his floor listening too it. Thinking about this gave me the brilliant idea to try listening to it with him when it is nap time. Lately he is so obstinate about falling asleep, but he really, really needs it, and his lack of napping is quite painful for all of us at dinnertime. So my plan is that we can listen to the story together at quiet time while lying in bed, and maybe, just maybe he will fall asleep. Brilliant, isn't it?


Heidi said...

Last night I too was going to look at the house again ,but it was not on the website anymore. Too bad, I was going to show it to tante Jelly. but it is wonderful that you are going to buy it, it looked really nice. I hope for you that the trick for Joseph works but he is of course three and often then they do not want to take a nap anymore. Good luck.

Nicole Liebgott Photography said...

Im so excited for yu guys,,, Congratulations.. If you google the address a picture of it will come up.. We already saw it.. Its so cute and I love the big fire place. It looks so spaciouse inside.. The hardwood floors look gorgeous aswell.. Hopefully we can come see it soon.. Give the boys kiises for me and tell them that we ove them..