Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Parliament of Owls: Needle Felt Sculptures

I currently have an exhibition at The Burkholder Project in Lincoln, Nebraska that is entirely comprised of owls. Of course I couldn't resist and decided to call it 'A Parliament of Owls.' For those who are not in the know, there is a list of Standard collective nouns in English that is used to describe large groups of animals. One of these collective nouns is 'Parliament of Owls.' According to Wikipedia this tradition is something that goes back to the Late Middle Ages, and though it was originally considered whimsical and humorous, many of these terms are still in use today. 
Here are some photos of my own parliament. They are all needle felted from wool, over a wire armature, and have either polymer clay or resin claws, beaks, and eyes. Enjoy!


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