Monday, October 13, 2014

Needle Felted Little Owls

This next pair of owls is meant to depict two Little Owl (Athene noctua) chicks.  The name 'Little Owl' is actually the accepted common name of this species, not just a cute way to describe them, although they are very cute!

I hope I got across how cute these little guys really are.

I used multiple images of Little Owl chicks for both of these owls.  They are about 10 inches tall, so they are a bit larger than life sized.

Here he is from another angle. 
And here is the other Little Owl Chick....

And again from another angle. 

I titled the sculpture 'Vigilance' since they are both obviously looking at something far off. What do you thing that something is?  Something good, or malevolent?

Needle felt Little Owl Chicks

 I really like this photo angle, showing the space between the two.

When I first conceived of this piece I thought of it as actually three little owls on a wall in window boxes.  As it came closer to the show, and as I was working with them, I liked the dynamic of just two who were watching something from far off, instead of three.  This photo below shows how I have them displayed in the gallery.  The lighting is not the best there for photographs, but you get the idea.

Needle felted Little Owls.  This sculpture is titled 'Vigilance.'

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