Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Sisters

This sculpture is part of the 'A Parliament of Owls' exhibition that is at the Burkholder Project until Oct. 31st.  It is based on a photo of a group of sibling Barn owls from a raptor rehabilitation center.  At first I wanted to have five owls, but after I started to make them having all five together was just too overwhelming, so I decided three owls would be better.
I also was originally going to make them more realistic, but as I worked I liked the idea that this was more a sketch, an impression, of this group of Barn Owls.  Sometimes it is important to remember that realism is not the ultimate goal, because there are other things that deserve expression as well.
Needle Felted Barn Owls, 'The Sisters'

Needle felted Barn Owls from behind

I think they look better when posed above eye level, but it was difficult to get a photo of this in the gallery.

Needle Felted Barn Owl (Sister 2)
Needle Felted Barn Owl (Sister 1)

Needle Felted Barn Owl (Sister 3)