Tuesday, February 13, 2007


As a way to keep Joseph happy in the afternoon, I got into the habit of holding him while I made the coffee just before Jim came home (he often gets very fussy right around 5pm.) I would tell him he was helping me make coffee and then I would count the scoops. Now I tell him I am going to make coffee and he comes running and shouts 'count!' Now I ask him to open the trashcan for me, so I can throw away the old filter if there is still one in the basket, and then we count. When Jim and I have coffee together I make coffee with 3 and a half scoops, but when I make it only for myself in the morning, I use only 3 scoops. Joseph would always be disappointed because for some reason he really likes to count the half scoop.  Last week I told Joseph that when I say 'Half' at the end of the counting that means that Daddy is coming home. The next day I asked him if he remembered what it means when I count 'Half' and he shouted gleefully 'Daddy coming!' Now when we count in the mornings he tries to convince me that I should count 3 and a half scoops also, I presume because he wants Jim to come home.

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