Thursday, February 8, 2007


I just updated my 'What I am reading' list. I had started 'March' about 10 days ago, but then put it down until today because of all of these other things going on. Because Joseph has a cold he has been taking extra long naps and today I took that time to pick up 'March' again. Both times I have picked it up I have become completely absorbed by it from the very first page. Brooks is like a painter with words. I can envision every scene and hear every character. It takes place during the Civil War, in the American South. I am usually much more interested in books about European history, but this one definitely has me hooked.
I was trying to read Don Quixote in an effort to educate myself in the classics, but at the moment I am putting it down (again) in order to read for this book club.  I definitely hope to pick it up again, I was most certainly enjoying it, though I had only read the first ten chapters or so.

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