Monday, February 12, 2007

Return to the Classics

Leaving behind the idea of reading classic literature was something I could only do for a couple of days, thank goodness. I have found a way to keep reading the classics along with doing this other, more contemporary book club. I found out about another book club that meets at one of the libraries here and they focus on the classics. They actually meet every two weeks, but I will only be attending once in a while. I looked at their reading list, and I am not all that interested in the enlightenment stuff. But, they do read Shakespeare, as well as some interesting ancient Greek writers. This spring the two things they are reading that I am interested in are 'Othello' (March) , and 'Antigone' (May.) This makes me happy because this way I can go to this fun book club without entirely giving up my more academic interests. However, I am truly enjoying 'March.' I just read this section where the character describes what he felt like when meeting his wife, and discussions he had with a young Henry Thoreau when he was in his early twenties. The passions and the intense conversations really brought me back to my own early twenties. I told Jim that reading it brought back memories of my youth. He said something like 'you mean your youth during the civil war?' Ha ha.


Theresa said...

I remember reading "Antigone" in high school and really enjoying it. Sounds like a great group.

Heidi said...

Great that you found those bookclubs, it is also a good way to meet people.