Saturday, April 21, 2007

Treasure Map

This week I was making a treasure map. The house is paper mache, and then I used magazine photos to decorate it. It is something I read about at MotheringDotCommune.
The idea is that you take pictures and collage them to make an image of what you want in you life. Last year I did one for the first time, but I drew it because I didn't have access to magazines (we were traveling.) I was really happy with the result, and it was neat to see how much it really did seem to influence my year. I put it away after our trip, and then didn't look at it again until about a month before this treasure mapping time. So I guess these things really do have power, even if you don't actively concentrate on them.
Click here if you want to make a treasure map of your own; don't be discouraged if by the rules it is too late. I think most of the power is in focusing on what you want, visualizing it, and then finishing the collage, drawing, or whatever.


GailV said...

I love this!

I think it's great when people go outside-the-box on this sort of thing. It makes the whole experience so much more personal.

Joyce Schwarz said...

Hi, can you email me at I love your "treasure map" and would like to talk to you about putting a pix of it in my new book "The Vision Board" Picturing the Future from Collins Design, Harper Collins Publishing, 2008. thanks.