Sunday, December 31, 2006

2nd Christmas

Second Christmas ended up being as much as a celebration as Christmas. We opened stocking presents during our morning coffee time and I gave Joseph a tea set and a set of small puzzles. He was just as blown away with these things as the ones he got on Christmas. He chose colors for me (purple), Jim(pink) and himself (orange.) When I ask him who the other one is for he picks someone else (like Beppe or Spot.)
Later that day I took Joseph to target to get a bedspread set because Jim and I decided it is time for him to have a bed. I picked out a set that had a matching tractor pillow (more on that later) and also got him a football because he always wants to play with Spot's ball which looks like a football. He went absolutely CRAZY for the football and tractor pillow. When we got home I took him to get changed and he cried for his tractor, and then for his football. He was only happy when he got them both. There really is some truth to the idea of this stuff being hard-wired. I didn't think so before, but having a boy has really changed my outlook.

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