Sunday, December 31, 2006


Other that preparing for Christmas and taking care of Joseph, I spent a lot of time cleaning. I have to say that I never really enjoyed it much before, but I am experiencing new found joy in having a clean house, and even in the process of getting it. A couple of months ago I checked out a book from the library called 'How Clean is Your House' written by a couple of fastidiously clean English ladies. I got lots of cleaning tips and also was inspired by them to take on a rigorous cleaning schedule. I started to clean the bathrooms everyday and I tried to sweep every morning, and change the bedsheets and dust everything once a week, along with keeping the kitchen cleaned up, and doing the laundry in a timely manner (bring down dirty laundry in the morning and bring folded laundry upstairs every evening.) Before reading this book I would sweep every few days and clean the bathrooms once a week, and I always felt like I was being pursued by the laundry. Even though I am working harder, it actually feels easier- I guess because it is now just my regular routine.
Joseph is finally able to spend some time in the playpen without too much protest and even seems to enjoy it at times. When he is overstimulated and getting into trouble I put him in it with a few things and he is better able to focus on his toys than if he is out, and it is great for me to get some cleaning done then. In the photo Joseph is trying to give Spot a cookie. I gave him a couple of cookies to give to Spot so I could get both of them in the photo. They had been bothering each other so I put Joseph in the playpen. He was playing quietly for a while and then I heard him giggling. I went to see what was happening and found Spot sitting next to the playpen and Joseph sticking his hands through the bars trying to touch him.

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Heidi said...

You are becoming a real homemaker!
That is great! I also visited your website today and looked at your artwork.Are you going to combine your efforts and be a homemaker and an artist also?