Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sinter Klaas

Well, it has been a busy month here on the great plains, at least it has at our house. We celebrated Sinter Klaas on the fifth and sixth with Joseph.  However, Jim and I exchanged presents the following weekend because we just couldn't get to it. I got Joseph a truck with tools on it with which he can take the tires on and off, and screw in the engine etc. At first when we said 'engine' he made a siren sound.  We didn't make the connection of what he meant and I thought maybe he was confusing the words 'siren' and 'engine,' but later I figured out he was thinking of 'fire-engine' which of course makes that sound. It is so cute- now I ask him what does the engine says and he says 'whoo, whoo, whoo."

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