Sunday, December 31, 2006

Joseph's Alcove

So, Joseph now has his own little alcove within our room. We decided that a trundle bed would be the best option because of how low it would be to the floor. I bought him a bedspread with pictures of construction equipment on it because he loves it so much. I had mixed feelings at first because I wanted him to have a 'younger' sort of decor for his room. I was thinking cute little trains, plains and cars or something like that, but when we got to target I saw this and showed it to him and he loved it- especially the tractor pillow with real wheels. I took it home and showed it to Jim, who approved. I couldn't help but feel a little sad though- like he is just growing up too fast. But in reality he can name all of the types of construction vehicles on the bedspread. We checked out a book from the library a few weeks ago called ' The Construction Alphabet Book' that has some piece of construction equipment for every letter. Last week I was reading it to him and he named at least half of them on his own. He is just crazy about that stuff. Every day when we go for a walk with Spot, he says 'Bulldozer' because he wants to go see the construction equipment at a nearby school they are working on. I just call them all 'bulldozers', because that is pretty much the extent of my knowledge. So in the end, I don't feel bad. I guess he is just ready for that level of sophistication. I made myself feel better by deciding that I will draw some construction vehicles and put those on the walls, and I will put some planes on the ceiling, I think it will look really cool when it is finished, and Joseph already loves it. Oh and I put some bears by his bed.
As an aside, today when I was putting him down for his nap he took a bear and then said "I take more bear," and then tried to grab the rest of them. This is his most complicated sentence so far. When I told Jim he said "Wow, that even has a direct object in it!"

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