Sunday, December 31, 2006


We all had a great Christmas. We only gave Joseph three presents total on Christmas morning, and saved the stocking for the next day and this worked out great. He was just so excited he really couldn't have handled more without things going badly. After presents we went for a walk in the neighborhood, The weather was warm (~60 degrees F) and sunny. Joseph fell asleep on the walk and when he woke up he immediately said train. I took him down stairs and to the potty. He cried for his puzzle and train and when finished brought them into the kitchen. He then remembered Elmo (which he got from Grandma) and went to the living room where Elmo was. He touched it and then started walking back to the kitchen while looking over his shoulder at Elmo. I said to him that we could put Elmo in the Kitchen too and he really liked that idea. The rest of the day I made 'taai taai' and used my new cookie cutters from Sinter Klaas. They worked really well.

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Heidi said...

Joseph looks adorable in his new chair. Your cookies are very artisticlooking ! No wonder coming from an artist's hand!