Saturday, April 12, 2008

First Day of School

A few weeks ago I took Joseph to our first day of a Mommy and Me class at the Nature center. Joseph really loved it. The first day was about worms, and when we were there the kids were supposed to pretend they were worms. During the story that was about worms there was a spider character , and being rather impressed with the teachers impression of a spider Joseph decided he would rather be a spider than a worm. All week long he did talk about worms and pretended to be one too.
This last week was about birds. The kids got to look at birds nests and eggs, and we took a walk to look at some bird houses out side around the nature center. During the story the teacher showed the kids pictures of birds, and Joseph knew some of them (the Cardinal and American Robin) that we have in our yard. This week Joseph pretended to be a bird when eating his spaghetti noodles. : )

Here is a picture of when I was trying to leave the nature center. The first day it took us an hour to leave! Between Joseph and the baby it is hard to get moving.

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Heidi said...

This looks like a nice place and they have set it up in a cozy way. Have fun again tomorrow when you go.