Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well, now that Tommy is three months old, I am starting to have more energy and more time for other things. I am actually trying to teach myself to play guitar. I have been singing so much with Tommy and Joseph that I thought "Hey, why don't I get the guitar out and play while I sing?" That way I can learn something new, while being with them. Of course it is much harder than that , so at the moment I am just playing a few cords. Tonight after Joseph went to sleep I learned three cords while Tommy laid next to me on the futon and listened. He seemed to think I was playing music.
I had just gotten the guitar out on the day I took this photo, and Joseph of course wanted to try. At one point he pointed to one of the strings and told me with all seriousness "This string is the 'J' string." For those of you who don't know music, there is no 'J' string. I think he picked that letter because it is the first letter of his name and the one with which he is the most familiar. Too cute!

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