Sunday, April 13, 2008

Three months old

Today Tsjomme is three months old! Of course I am a little sad to put away his clothes, but he is growing so nicely, and changing so much. The past week or so has been much easier because he is much less fussy. In the evenings he doesn't really fuss at all now, and usually goes to sleep around eight o'clock. He also seems to be a lot more alert lately and likes to watch Jim and Joseph at the dinner table from my lap or his little chair. Last night he seemed to be imitating us talking because he was intensely looking at us with a little frown and making lots of noise while we were talking. It wasn't lilting like when he wants me to sing, so that is why I think he was imitating us. I sing a lot, and about two weeks ago he stated to make little lilting calls when I was singing. Sometimes he also does it when I am not singing, but when he wants me to sing to him. He just seems so much older and wiser all of a sudden the last couple of weeks; he even laughed for the first time today when I was tickling his belly!


Heidi said...

Maybe Tsjomme is going to be a famous singer someday!!!! Just kidding! Remember though that Joseph also liked it when we sang to him? Remember the time we took him to a new years eve service and he kept making humming sounds when we sang and he stopped when we stopped?

Theresa said...

Who knows, maybe he'll have his own band when he grows up and he'll be a famous rock star. Wouldn't that be cool?

Did you take a picture him laughing yet?

Michelle Liebgott-Osinga said...

Mem, yes, I remember that well. Joseph still loves music and sings very well.
Theresa, actually we got a video of him laughing a little bit the other day. It might be a bit long to put on the internet, but we should send you a CD of videos anyway.