Friday, April 18, 2008

Keva Planks

I am just so behind on everything! I have been trying to write thank you notes for people who sent gifts for Tommy for so long (I have actually done some, but just not all.) We received some money gifts from some people, and for a long time I just couldn't decide on what to get since everything from Joseph is still in good shape. I was thinking of getting a really great set of blocks, but just couldn't decide on which kind. At least not until I took Joseph to the Lincoln Children's Museum last Wednesday. There they had an amazing display of these great blocks called Keva Planks. The display is a room full of the most amazing creations (some of which you can see on the website in the gallery,) but what is really great is that these blocks are for all ages, from Toddler to Adult they say. It really does seem like there is no way kids could outgrow them, and that little fingers can easily manipulate them. Lucky for us I still had the money for the baby saved, as well as some old birthday money for Joseph. I can't wait until they get here! I guess I better write those thank you notes while I wait... : )

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