Saturday, April 12, 2008

They grow up so fast!

Today we went for a walk, and Jim carried Joseph in the Ergo. His pants were way to short when he was riding in it, so we decided it was time to change his clothes to the next size. Joseph was very excited to get a closet full of new clothes. I thought he might get upset about packing away some of his favorite clothes, but he was so excited about some of the car and truck prints on things that it really wasn't too difficult. I also have to change Tommy's clothes to the 3-6 month size, and I will be doing that tomorrow. Luckily I got everything sorted in different boxes by size, so switching is relatively easy. It is amazing how things change when they get older though. This time Joseph was helping me to hang his new clothes on hangers, and he did a really good job!

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Heidi said...

Hi Michelle, welcome back to the blogging world. I'm glad to see you write,Mem