Friday, April 25, 2008


Maybe I will. I have questioned my ability to be able to do it, but this video is proof that I could definitely do it and be successful.

Seriously though, it is something that I have been considering, but at this point it is any body's guess concerning what we will be doing. I have looked into the Montessori preschool for Joseph, and it looks great, but also expensive. I am also looking at the Nature center preschool, which seems nice too. There they take daily hikes on the preserve, and do lots of nature related activities. The programs of both look great, but to tell the truth, I don't look forward to having to drive Joseph there and dropping him off only to have to go back and pick him up again in an hour and a half at the longest. Getting in and out of the the house with both kids is hard enough when we stay all together, plus being a taxi really doesn't sound like much fun for me or the baby. Honestly, there are so many free kids programs here in Lincoln, that it really seems a waste to pay for a program, and I like having Joseph home anyway. I have met lots of stay at home mom's here that are using these programs, and some that plan to keep homeschooling beyond kindergarten. I even know one home schooled kindergartner who is reading "Little House on the Prairie." Of course there is a huge debate over kids who stay home vs. go to school, but the augments against homeschooling don't really seem to be all too compelling. People always mention the socialization aspect of school, but if you think about it, where else will a person encounter such a large group of peers who are exactly the same age and working on the same things? It would seem that being active in the community would be much more healthy, and have a better influence on children. Then of course there is the argument that homeschooling is risky academically. Well, there are of course guidelines that one is given by the school district, as well as testing that happens periodically. Finally, there are plenty of brilliant people who were home schooled, and plenty of people who attended regular school who only ended up dropping out in the end. And of course, the biggest benefit of homeschooling is that one can travel during the school year, when the flights are cheap. When your family is spread over three countries, that is quite a weighty consideration.

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