Thursday, July 24, 2008

Changing Fast

This is one of those weeks that things are changing so fast I can hardly believe it. I am so glad that I am home with these boys to see their changes.

Last Friday I caught Tommy sitting up in the portable playpen outside. He fell over almost right away, but he kept trying all day. The next day he was already sitting up for longer, though not very straight, and by Sunday evening he could already totally straiten up and balance pretty well, with minor tipping.

On Monday morning he would already sit up for half a minute or so, and then later in the day he would sit up for several minutes. Unbelievable. It literally seemed like minute to minute changes. Now he can already sit for twenty minutes or so to play with his toys. With these photos you can see how things progressed.

Another amazing change is that Tommy started signing this last Sunday! I have been making different signs to him for a couple of weeks, and on Sunday he started to wave his arm when he has to go potty. And today, he made the sign for nursing. He is just brilliant!


Heidi said...

yes it is amazing what a little baby can do and so fast. That sign language will come in handy with the potty training the way you do it.How is that going?

Nicole Liebgott Photography said...

Yeah my nephew's are pretty dang smart... Tommy is so cute, I cant wait to meet him and miss Joseph incredibly... Give everyone kisses for me