Tuesday, July 29, 2008

He's an outlaw

Jim always said "He's an outlaw, you can see it in his eye." Or course, being naive, I said "No, no he's not, He's a good boy." Well, it looks like Jim was right. This morning when I was watering my plants, Joseph was eying the hose because he wanted to play fireman. I fought with him for a while, and then I just let him have it, naively thinking he would just be spraying the lawn or something. When I went to get him he was spraying the front porch, including the door and my newly cleaned windows. Then he told me he sprayed the inside of the house too. "Oh no, and it's my fault for letting him have the hose", I thought. Luckily if wasn't true, but he was thinking about it. Sigh....

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