Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Close Call

For a little while this evening it seemed like we lost Spot. I was watering my plants before dinner, and accidentally left the gate open to the front. We went inside to have dinner and didn't think much of it that Spot wasn't there until a couple of hours later, just as I was bringing Joseph up to bed. I guess we just assumed that Spot was out in the yard, like he prefers so often as of late. Jim noticed that the gate was open and then went out to look for him. He didn't see him anywhere and came back home, only to go out and look again. About the third time going out, Jim found Spot was two door down from our house with a neighbour that found him wandering around. It really goes to show how poorly we know our neighbours when something like this happens, because after all, we are always outside, and we walk Spot at least once a day.

Well anyway, I am very happy we found him, because I was really starting to get worried. It is so unlike him to wander away, but I guess he is feeling rather comfortable here now that we have lived here a couple of years. Just imagine how Joseph would have reacted...

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Heidi said...

and not only Joseph but Beppe too. I just love our little Spot and would be very sad if he got lost.