Friday, July 18, 2008


A couple of days ago Joseph and I were playing a game with picture cards that have opposites on them. He wanted me to tell stories about them, so I told a few. Here is an example of one of my stories. The pictures were a clean boy and a dirty boy, so I told a story of how a Memmy got a boy ready to go out and then he went outside and jumped in a puddle. I said that then he had to go to the library dirty, but Joseph made a face showing he didn't like that. So then I said they went in and got clean clothes on and then went to the library.
This was lots of fun and after a while Joseph wanted to tell a story too. The picture pair he picked was of a candle that was lit, and one that was unlit.

Here is his story:
Once there was a boy. There was a candle with a flame and he blew it out. Then his Memmy and Daddy came and said "Ohhh, you blew the candle out." Then the boy lit the candle again, and the Memmy and the Daddy said, "Ohhh, you lit the candle again."

Pretty good story, isn't it? I mean it shows a timeline, has characters, and cause and effect. It just keeps getting funner.


Nicole Liebgott Photography said...

Girl I'm so happy that you have found the time to blog more.. I love hearing what you and the kids are up to. I wanted to comment on this post and just let you know what a good mommy you are. Tommy and joseph are so luck to have you in their lives.. I love you and miss you bunches... Hope you all are having a great summer..we are

Heidi said...

What a cute story Joseph told. Who knows someday he might become a writer. Or does he still want to be a truck driver or drive another one of those huge machines? I know he changes when he drives his tractor around , he acts a little more "macho". I saw this on the movies. Bye the way, he drives pretty good already.

Michelle Liebgott-Osinga said...

Yes, Joseph has macho down pretty well. He was scared of the tractor for so long, but now he loves it and does all kind of experiments on it, like riding while standing. The other day it was really funny because he seemed to be acting alot like his uncle Jason on it (at least so said Jim.) He crashed into a tree kept pushing on the petal while shifting from forward to reverse, and looking back while doing this. He is very adept at using machines.