Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Yesterday morning the boys and I woke up with a cold, so we have been staying home. It is just a cold, and I actually don't feel too bad, but judging from Joseph's whining yesterday, he doesn't feel as good as I do. Then again, maybe he is just three years old. I am actually getting some rest at the moment because Tommy is taking his late morning nap after an active morning of almost crawling! He is so close, it is scaring me. This morning it took him about eight minutes to cross our bedroom floor over to where the cords of the fan and air conditioner are. I guess it is time to baby proof the house. All morning long when I had him in the ergo, he wanted to get down on the floor so that he could move around. After a while I just decided to put him on the floor where ever I was going, and that kept him happy. This way I spent much of my morning doing laundry, and downloading photos to Snapfish so that I can finally make some scrapbooks.
Joseph spent the morning watching video's, which we don't usually do in the morning, but considering how he was feeling I figured it was OK. Afterward he actually went to play quietly in his playroom, so I figured he must be still feeling sick, but hey I'll take quite anyway that it comes, which isn't often in this house. At the moment he is outside because after a torrential rainstorm last night and threats of rain all morning it is now sunny and also not too hot. I think that I am going to move the laptop out there in a bit when I am done with this post. Just think, I can sit on my patio with the internet moving photos around, all while listening to Tommy's baby music on the baby monitor! Ah the wonders of technology...

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Heidi said...

Wow, almost crawling and he is only just six month! I hope you all feel better soon. Yes what would we do without our computers etc? Mine just acted up and the monitor didn't work but somehow I fixed it again. At least I hope it works next time when I turn it on.