Friday, January 26, 2007


We have been living here in Lincoln now for five months and I feel like we are really starting to settle in. As far as social things are concerned, I have been going to a Mom's group, the La League group, and just last night I went to a book club that I was invited to by one of the mom's from the mom's group. It's funny; I have looked off and on for quite a long time for a book club and then this one just popped up when I wasn't even looking. I guess things have a way of happening that way sometimes. It seems like an interesting group. We are reading March by Geraldine Brooks this month.


Heidi said...

Hi Michelle,sounds like a good book. I never read it but I did read little women and liked it. Do you have enough time to read? How long may it take to read a book like that? I'm glad you're settling in now and it looks like a nice place to live. The weather is still cold? On your little forcast window it shows -3 right now(one in the afternoon by you)that is not too bad I think?

Heidi said...

How is Joseph doing? Anything new? Anymore teeth coming in? And the pottytraining is it still going fast? Give him a biiiig kiss from beppe ok?love, Mem

Theresa said...

Hey, Glad you found some groups to belong to. That helps when you're new to a place. Have fun with it.