Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Getting used to the Cold

I think I am getting used to the cold now that it has been really cold for a week. This morning was my mom's group at the church down the street. I normally walk and wanted to walk this morning, but it was 0 degrees F outside. I looked up on the internet how cold is too cold to take kids outside and read that if it is not too cold for yourself, then it is fine for kids too. So I bundled us up completely, put Joseph in the ergo in the front carry position and headed out. It really was fine, and we were both toasty warm when we got there. I'm really glad I went too- it is nice for both Joseph and me to get out and see people. When we went home it was 12 degrees F, and really felt warm compared to earlier. I decided it would be good to take Spot for a walk right away, and Spot was very happy about that. We took a 15 minute walk and it was beautiful with all of the snow on the branches of the trees and bushes. By the time we got home Joseph was asleep and completely warm, including his cheeks and nose. So, I guess now we are real Midwesterners!

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