Friday, January 12, 2007

It is COLD here

This morning after breakfast I checked the temperature to see how cold it was, planning to let Spot out to do his thing. Nine degrees Fahrenheit (-12 degrees Celsius) is what our thermometer read. I went to check the computer weather station, just to see what it said, and it said 9 degrees Fahrenheit, feels like -8 (-22 degrees Celsius.) Needless to say, Spot hasn't been out longer than a minute today, and he is even wearing his sweater. I called Jim and he said that his fingers were numb when he got to the office, and he was even wearing his gloves.
E-shopping is very attractive under these conditions. At first I thought I might go down to the 'Barns and Noble' bookstore to look at a knitting book (Knitting Nature) that the library doesn't carry. I started looking at it on the internet, and decided to just go ahead and buy it because I don't want to take Joseph anywhere in this cold, or maybe it was because of the cover photo of these people on the beach. In reality though, I just can't see driving anywhere when it is this cold. I mean, what if something happened to the car when I was out? I really wouldn't want to be caught out like that, especially with a toddler.

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