Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Amazing Boys

These boys amaze me everyday. They are both changing so fast it seems I can hardly keep up with it all. I want to record the changes, but its hard when so much is happening with both of them all at once. So, first about Joseph. Last night we were sorting some puzzles that he had strewn about the bedroom, and I realized that he does 25 piece puzzles with such ease that his puzzles don't seem to hold much interest for him anymore. I guess that is why they were strewn about the room, in stread of being neatly finshed. Anyway, I decided that I would take him to Walmart this morning to get a more difficult puzzle for him. Well, we didn't get moving right away because I was kind of tired from the last few days, and then we ended up writing a letter (Joseph helped.) I told him we would go get the puzzle after his nap instead if we had time, and we did. To make a long story short, in the end I wondered if we should have gone somewhere else, because there were only two puzzles that suited Joseph; a 24 piece Cars puzzle without a cardboard boarder like his others have, and a 35 piece Thomas the Tank Engine puzzle. Most of the other puzzles were at least 100 pieces, or the pictures were not interesting to him. When we got home he did the Cars puzzle immediately, and it really wasn't even much of a challenge. I guess I will have to find somewhere else where they have a better selection for the intermediate level. Tomorrow we will do the Thomas puzzle, and see if that is more challenging for him.
Another way that he is amazing me lately is in his drawing. Today he drew an Aerial lift with a bucket, and you could even see the joint in the boom. After he drew the machine he colored purple all around it and said it was nighttime, and so the machine is not working. Then this evening he drew a cement mixer in the snow!

Well, Tommy is equally amazing to me lately. He is changing at a lightening fast rate, and I just don't seem to have the opportunity to record it like I want. This is what has been happening lately. A week and a half ago Tommy was sitting on my lap and Joseph was being silly and all of a sudden Tommy started laughing real belly laughs. Jim and I just sat there watching it, and looking back to each other.
Secondly, then the last while he has been on his belly almost constantly whenever I put him down. Yesterday I put him on some blankets in the backyard and he stayed on his belly for at least half and hour straight through, and he just moved himself all around the blankets, looking around.

Today just before the nap I put Tommy on my yoga mat upstairs because he wasn't sleepy at all. In the first couple of minutes he turned himself around 360 degrees looking all around the room, and then I put Joseph's toy clock in front of him for him to look at. Tommy reached for the blocks and got lots of them out. The last couple of days he is really motivated to move around to get to his toys. I personally think he will be crawling in a couple of weeks. Wow, this is going too fast!

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