Sunday, June 8, 2008

Where's Waldo the Frog?

I promise he is here in this photo. This was taken just after we let him go. Afterward we went over to this natural play area that the park just recently opened. The natural setting is really neat and beautiful too. Just on the other side of the path to this play area is the pond where we let the frog go.

That is Joseph and a friend carrying a log together. I don't have too many photos of the play area, but here in the foreground is a dirt/ sand box, and in the back ground is a platform with some wood to build things. Next to the sand box is a rack with lots of tools hanging on it, and it even has pegs to hang your coat. We have been there three times now, and I never see anyone there, which is too bad. I think it is just a little bit far off the beaten path that not too many people know about it.
My friend who came along to release the frog brought her biologist husband along as well. He studies duckweed, which is a plant that grows on the top of ponds. He told me about the species that we found (Lemna and Spirodela,) and we ended up taking them back to our pond at home (the aquarium.) Later on I discovered that we also took home a little snail. As soon as I put the plants in, the tadpoles were very interested in the duckweed and were rooting around in it, I suppose looking for food. We have quite an interesting little pond community now.

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Nicole Liebgott Photography said...

Wow it really looks beautiful there.. I would LOVe to have places like that around here. photographers paradise right?? My nephews are so big I can't hardly believe it.. Tommy is beautiful, I see alot of you in him.. Tell Joseph I said hello and that I miss him way to much..I love you guys and I'm glad to see you blogging more...