Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Whew, What a Day!

Today when I left to go to Walmart I deludedly thought I could get back in an hour. After two hours we finally got back home, and we hadn't dilly dallied around in the store. We didn't even stop to take anyone potty. It is just that far away, and that big of a store. Too big, really. Well anyway, after getting back home I was pretty wiped out, and we were an hour late in our schedule. To make matters worse a bad storm was coming toward Lincoln, and we had to go down to the basement right when dinner was ready. We were really lucky that it was ready though, because otherwise we would have been eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This storm was quite a bit more serious than the last, and a funnel cloud was actually spotted in the southwest part of the city. There were apparently some reports that it touched the ground, thereby making it a tornado, but the reports were unconfirmed. There was so much rain, that some people on the radio said there were ducks swimming in the parking lot where they were. This photo was taken in the northern part of the city (not by me, I was most definately at home.)

Two hours passed, and I started to really understand why people in the Midwest so often have finished basements. I think that that is something that I will add to my list of desirable qualities in a house for when we do finally buy one.

After the worst of the storm was past, and the tornado warning over, we went back upstairs. In the basement I didn't think I felt nervous, but after we came up I really wanted to sit with a cup of coffee. I put Tommy in the playpen and went to make myself a senseo. He stared fussing, and as I turned to get him I stepped on a ball, and promptly fell on my butt. Ouch! I just lay there, not really hurt but feeling pretty shocked. After checking to see if I was OK, Jim went to get Tommy. I just lay there trying to catch my breath, and so after a minute Jim, Tommy, and Joseph were all standing around and looking down at me. Tommy had a rather confused look on his face; after all, usually he is the one looking up at me. Well, I'll just say it one more time: Whew, what a day!


Heidi said...

what a horrible day you had. But when I read the part that you were on the floor and the boys and Jim were looking at you I started laughing and I still am because I thought that was funny and I saw it happening. Luckily you were not hurt.

Mother Theresa said...

Hey, everybody falls on their butt sometime. Glad you're alright and glad you haven't see any tornadoes yet. :)