Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Simple Things in Life.

Construction paper is a wonderful thing! With it you can make all sorts of things, as we do, often. A while back we made these spring flowers...

yesterday we made a fire...,

and then this is my favorite.

A couple of days ago Joseph decided he wanted to make a book. I stapled some construction paper together, and then he came back with a book with all kinds of drawings. Of course they were all vehicles, and the title is "All About Machines", and Joseph made sure to point out that it is written by Byron Barton (one of his favorite authors.) Many of the machines are half construction vehicles, and half service vehicles, such as "an ambulance that flats the road, but it also helps people." When I was a child I used to make books, and then my parents would write down what I narrated to them. I still have two of these books, one with my mom's handwriting, and one with my dad's handwriting. I have great memories of making these books with my parents, and I am glad that I am doing that with Joseph now.

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Heidi said...

Yes I remember those books! Great that you do that with Joseph too. I loved the video by the way on your website where Joseph was reading to Tommy.Fantastic that he loves books so much and I bet that Tommy will too later.