Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Beautiful Book

I know, I know, you are never supposed to judge a book by it's cover. I just couldn't help it when I went to the library last week and saw this edition of Anne of Green Gables. A hardcover book like this, with beautiful full color illustrations, is just so much more attractive than a pocket sized paper back with no drawings at all. The illustrations in this book are particularly good, too. Perhaps I am superficial, but I am convinced that reading this illustrated edition is making my reading experience more delightful, more memorable, more ....colorful.

**I just uploaded the photo, and can't find another suitable one, so the 'search inside' thing has to stay. It is ironic, considering the subject of this post... I guess that is the way it goes.

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Heidi said...

yes it is so much nicer than the pocket paperbacks.I think I'm going to read them again too. but first March by Geraldine brooks!