Thursday, March 1, 2007

First Snow Day

This morning Joseph and I woke up to the sound of Jim kicking the snow off his boots on the back porch. He had gone to work, but lucky for us, it was a snow day. They make their decision early in the morning to close the university, so even though the snow storm wasn't too bad the school was closed for the day. We spent much of the day playing in the snow in our front yard. Making snow sculptures was a lot easier this time because of the warmer weather. So, Jim made a snowman.

I made a really fat snow cat and a big snow fish. I would have made the fish more detailed, but it was hard with Joseph climbing all over it.

It really was a beautiful day and lots of squirrels were out as well, so I was able to get this really great picture of one.


Heidi said...

Hard to believe you live in "snowcountry"now, what a difference with california! I think it is great for Joseph too to get all these different experiences with the seasons. I've always missed that in CA and now Í'm enyoing it too here in Holland. We do not have winters here anymore like it used to be,but it is still great to live here.

Theresa said...
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Theresa said...

Hey, that looks like fun. What a difference from over here. We only get a few days of snow each winter. Yesterday and today were really sunny and this morning it was around 20ºC in the sun(±13º in the shade). I bet Joseph loves the snow, our kids sure do, they can never get enough.

T.H. van der Ploeg - Postma said...

Hello there,

I've got this adress from your mum. I looked at all the pictures. Whata lovely boy.