Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Midwest Weather and a New Fence

If I had to characterize Midwest weather with one word, I would pick variable. Two weeks ago we were building snow creatures, and now yesterday we sat outside to have coffee in the evening. It was almost too hot to wear jeans during the day, and I definitely had to take my socks off.
Joseph is absolutely loving the warm weather. On Saturday we went to the park, but we still had to wear light jackets. There were lots of other people there, and everyone seemed happy to have this warm turn of weather. Yesterday I took Joseph outside for most of the day, and I decided that we HAD to figure out some sort of fencing for the yard. Joseph thinks it is hilarious to run toward the street and scare me, though he has never actually gone into the street. Another thing that I also am not crazy about, is that as soon as we are outside five minutes (if it lasts that long) he insists that we take a walk. It was really starting to drive me crazy to not be able to sit and have my coffee outside, and also not so good for Joseph because he never got to just focus on things in our yard and was always completely obsessed with things out of the yard. So, this evening Jim put up a fence around the back area of our house. It is great! Already Joseph seemed more relaxed in the yard, though a couple of times he tried to push the fence down. Toward the end of the evening Joseph and I played peek-a-boo around the giant old oak tree in the back yard. We have never been able to play relaxed games like that in the yard before, because he was always so focused on getting out of the yard. Oh, what a relief; I think this fence will really change my life.


Theresa said...

Yeah, fence that baby in! No, just kidding, that's a really good idea. Weather looks great, let's hope it keeps up.

Heidi said...

What kind of fence is that that Jim can put that up so quickly? It is a very good idea .

Michelle Liebgott-Osinga said...

It is a simple garden fence made of metal posts and wire (it is like little squares; not sure what it is called.)