Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spoon Rack

Last Thursday I went for a walk with Joseph and we happened to pass by an Antique store near our house. I was just browsing, but saw a spoon rack like one my mother used to have. There was also a windmill spoon in it, also just like one she has (the blades actually turn.) I have been wanting such a spoon rack for quite a while, but the dealer intended to sell it with the spoons in it. In the end I bought the rack, and the windmill spoon too. As an interesting fact about it, her husband made it about thirty years ago. I went and got it today, and hung it up right when I got home. Joseph really likes it too.


Theresa said...

Yeah, that brings back memories, that's really neat. What luck to find just what you're looking for. Joseph is such a cutie!

Heidi said...

I like your spoonrack. the spoons that you have there are those the ones that you already had or did those come with the rack? I see that you can have one more?

Michelle Liebgott-Osinga said...

Hi Mem, yes I could have some more. It seems that now that I have the spoon rack up, there are always a few empty spots because we use them several times a day. Also, a few that I have are duplicates, like I have two from Roden.