Tuesday, March 13, 2007


It is so true that we hear echos in the voices of our children. So far it has been a nice thing, though. A while ago Joseph started saying 'Umm.., sure' in order to say yes. Then I noticed that I say that too.
Tonight we were taking a walk and he wanted to touch a tree that we were passing. I said OK, and then, for no particular reason other than my naturalist background, I said 'That is an Oak Tree.' He said 'Have Oak Tree at home...that's right, Jo-jo. ' I almost burst out laughing, because, while I think I have probably told him that the Oaks around our house were Oaks, I also heard my own voice say 'that's right, Joseph' when he did.

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Heidi said...

it is soooo cute that he gave himself a compliment that Í'm telling everybody about it!!!!!!!!