Monday, March 12, 2007


Just over the last few days or so Joseph started using prepositions. Last week on the way to the library just for fun I asked him where we were going. I expected him to just say 'Librabrey' (which is how he pronounces it,) but instead he said, plain as day, 'To the librabrey.'
This morning when we woke up he said 'Daddy,' like he always does. That is always what he says first when he wakes up. I always say 'Daddy went to work,' at least during the week I say that. This morning he responded 'Daddy went to work...on the bus'
When I came down stairs, things seem somehow different. He is somehow older this morning, after this weekend. It is amazing to witness these imperceptible changes, that are nevertheless noticeable after they occur. Just now he is playing with his cars on the carpet, and is perfectly entertaining himself


Theresa said...

Boy, he's a big boy now! It's hard to believe he's going to be 2 pretty soon.

Heidi said...

Yes he is getting to be such a big boy all of a sudden and he makes pretty big sentences already.Jim must like it that Joseph asks for him first thing in the morning.Shows how important parents are to children you know.Makes me realize how lucky my grandchildren are to have both parents and to live in such stable homes.