Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Package from Holland

The other morning we got a package from my mom in the Netherlands with lots of great stuff. The pyramid of yarn will become a beautiful little cardigan from my viking knitting book. I haven't made anything in this color before, but I really like it. It is a very feminine pattern, so I think this 'old rose' is very appropriate. The other things are some beautiful tea and hand towels for my kitchen, a really cute sweater for Joseph with a tractor on it, and some sweaters for Jim (from Oom Folkert.) Jim really likes the sweaters, although considering the weather lately, it will be quite a while before he can wear them. Joseph did not arrive in the package, of course, but he eagerly looked at the photos that were included inside, and it was easy to persuade him to sit in the middle of it all. He loves the photos, especially of Beppe with the tractor, and of Beppe's two cats which he recognized instantly. Thank you, Mem!

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