Thursday, March 1, 2007

Book Club Meeting

Tonight I went the my first book club meeting for which I had read the book (March.) We met at a Mexican Restaurant in downtown Lincoln and had a really good discussion about the book. It was so nice to sit in a bright, warm, tropical looking place drinking a beer, eating chips and guacamole and having a good intellectual discussion. I had looked forward to it all week, and it lived up to all my expectations.
This next month we will be reading 'Almost French' by Sarah Turnbull. It is a memoir by an Australian reporter who goes to live in Paris with her French Boyfriend for a year.

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Heidi said...

after all that snow I'm sure it was good to be in a tropical place. Good for you that you joined a bookclub because after beeing with a toddler all day for weeks in a row it is good to talk to adults . Ofcourse you have Jim but still it is also important to talk to others once in a while.