Thursday, March 29, 2007

Our Incredible Library

Time and again I have been amazed by our library here in Lincoln. It is actually a collection of seven buildings that are spread out around Lincoln. On Wednesday I went to the library with Joseph and a CD course on Russian Literature caught my eye. I am not interested in Russian Literature, but I thought that there might be other things of interest in the series. I checked it out at home, and sure enough there are lots, and lots, of really interesting courses including Greek Mythology, History from Antiquity to the Renaissance, and even Medieval Literature! The courses are a series of seven one hour lectures, along with the suggestions for the readings one should do to follow the course. Anyway, after checking out the website, which you can see here, I went the library catalogue and soon found out that they actually have every title that I typed in! This is no small surprise, because these courses cost around $100.
Numerous other things have really caught my attention about how vibrant this library is. Some other great things are that there is at least one story time four days a week (at alternating branches,) a place to sit and have a drink (though not really a cafe, it is called that), movie nights, and lots of different groups meeting in the community rooms. The library in Lincoln is truly a community center, and it is used heavily.


Theresa said...

We love our library too, although it's not very big. However, if there's something we can't find here, our card allows us to use any other library in Navarra. It doesn't work outside Navarra, though, so we have cards for Andalucia and Extremadura too (lots of cards for one wallet). Keep taking Joseph as much as you can, we take the girls all the time and the librarian is amazed at how much they read.

Heidi said...

I remember reading to you girls at bedtime every night when you were little, so I guess it paid of!Now you are and have been doing the same thing . It is great that the girls and also Joseph already love books so much isn't it.

Chris said...

Wow! That sounds incredible. Our library is very small and in need of renovation :( I love libraries though, they're wonderful places!