Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Preposition Practice

Joseph is trying to use prepositions more and more, and it is just so cute. So cute that it is difficult to resist repeating what he says, the way he says it. This morning I told him it was time to leave for the library and so then he said "Going to, in the car!"

Something else he says that is so cute is 'key car'. As in 'car key.' This is something he started saying last fall, and for some strange reason he started saying it again today.

As an aside, another really cute thing he is doing lately is playing lots of pretend games. He likes to pretend he is going somewhere and last weekend he kept saying "bye, going to librabry." Then Jim and I have to say "Bye!" or he will keep telling us, getting more and more demanding until we acknowledge that he is going somewhere. He decided that a tree in the backyard is the library, and I decided to join him in the game and told him the the leaves are books. He loved it, and has been playing this game all week. For fun last weekend I told him that the seed pods from the tree are dictionaries, and the sticks are grammar books, not that he knows what that means, of course. Today he brought me a stick and told me it was a 'Grama book.' He pays remarkably good attention to details!

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