Friday, March 2, 2007

Blossoming Speech

Joseph's speech is really blossoming. He is regularly speaking in sentences now. Today when we saw a bus I said "I bet that is Daddies bus" (because it was just after Jim comes home, and we were driving toward home) and he said "Daddy get out bus." Tonight when I was putting him to sleep he starting talking about one of his favorite books called 'If you give a mouse a cookie...' He calls it mouse cookie. I said that it is at the library and we can go get it tomorrow. So he said "check it." I replied, "Yes, that's right. We can go check it out tomorrow." And a few minutes later, after reflecting on that I suppose, he said "Check it out."
One of the fun games we play is that I sing a song, and Joseph fills in the word. Here is a video where we are doing that. I am smiling at the end because what I sing is "Memmy shakes the dreamland tree, and from it fall sweet dreams for thee," and what he always says is "me", instead of "thee." I think that is just so interesting, because of course he has never heard the word "thee" except in this context, but nevertheless he picks a word that fits the sentence, and has the right sound.

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Heidi said...

wow, my grandson is a genius! boy he really is starting to speak a lot all of a sudden isn't he. I loved it the other day when I saw him on the webcam. Did you get a lot of snow again today? The weatherpicture shows that it is snowing and it is -8. Ofcourse that is a night temperature so I hope for you that it gets warmer during the day.